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Corinna Adler



Corinna works as a secretary/team assistant for Profund Innovation.

Range of tasks, including:
- Reception in the Startup Villa, room 102
- Contact person for events and room bookings
- Contract management for the use of rooms for funded startups
- office management
- Newsletter distribution and website support
- First aider and fire protection helper

About Corinna
Corinna has completed an apprenticeship as a businesswoman for office communication.
Various work assignments in the free market economy as an assistant to the management as well as an anteroom lady in the Federal Chancellery accompanied her professional career.

In addition to her professional activities, she is involved in a bicycle workshop for children and young people of refugees.

Working hours
Full-time Mon - Fri

Email: corinna.adler@fu-berlin.de
Phone +49 30 838 67170

science and startups
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