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Berliner Sparkasse Partners with Freie Universität Berlin to Support Startups

Berliner Sparkasse

Through the cooperative relationship, Berliner Sparkasse supports the development and expansion of a university-wide startup culture at Freie Universität Berlin. In the process, it works together with profund, the startup funding arm of Freie Universität Berlin, and with the Department of Information Systems, founded in 2011 within the School of Business and Economics under the leadership of Martin Gersch, a professor of business administration.

Experts from the Berliner Sparkasse FirmenCenter Gründung und Nachfolge (Startup and Succession Corporate Center) will offer a regular discussion hour for startup founders at Freie Universität Berlin in the future. Berliner Sparkasse will also supply financial planning expertise for startups in the form of guest presentations and talks during workshops and seminars.

There are plans for further synergetic effects through cooperation within the Netzwerk Unternehmertum entrepreneurship network of Freie Universität Berlin. This network, founded in June 2012, is supported by successful entrepreneurs from within the ranks of Freie Universität Berlin and by experts on startup issues.

Together with Netzwerk Unternehmertum, Berliner Sparkasse also offers the “Gründerpreis der Berliner Sparkasse” (Berliner Sparkasse Entrepreneurship Award), which carries prize money of 5,000 euros. The award is granted annually on the occasion of the Summer Festival of Netzwerk Unternehmertum. Winners were Lebepur GmbH (2013), Dolosys GmbH (2014) and PerformaNat GmbH (2015).

Who is interested in a consultation by Berliner Sparkasse please send an inquiry-email to: profund@fu-berlin.de

Contacts at Berliner Sparkasse:

Dr. Christian Segal
FirmenCenter Gründung und Nachfolge
Tel.: 030 869 839 42
E-Mail: christian.segal@berliner-sparkasse.de

Till Willebrand
FirmenCenter Gründung und Nachfolge
Tel.: 030 869 839 42
E-Mail: till.willebrand@berliner-sparkasse.de

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