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Micro-loans from the SME Fund

The “KMU-Fonds” (SME Fund) provides micro loans of up to € 25,000. These micro loans are associated with a highly simplified application process and swift loan decision.

Target Groups

  • Founders of small or medium-sized commercial businesses

  • Starting up in business as a freelancer

  • Commercial company or freelance professional that have been on the market for no more than 5 years and are establishing an operating facility in Berlin

Requirements for Financing

Co-financing for investments and the related working capital as part of the following measures:

  • Start-ups and consolidation projects

  • Relocations

  • Funds for new projects

  • Takeovers, however, not between direct family members

  • Expansion projects

  • Advance financing for specific projects

The project to be financed must be carried out in a Berlin-based operating facility. Debt rescheduling and/or follow-up financing of projects already underway or completed, as well as financing for business rescue projects are generally ruled out.

Conditions for Financing

  • Micro-loans of up to €25,000

  • The latest interest rates can be found in the overview of terms and conditions at: www.ibb.de/mikrokredit.
  • The loans are usually limited to a term of six years and generally include twelve redemption-free months.

  • No handling fees or standby interest charged.

  • Repayments are generally made on a quarterly basis.

The Application Process

  • Applications must be submitted prior to commencing the project

  • After IBB has received your application, you will receive confirmation of receipt and may be invited to an interview.

  • After the interview, the decision regarding the loan will usually be made within a few working days.

Further information:
Investitionsbank Berlin - Fact sheet micro loans


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