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University Bibliography

Please note: The University Bibliography has appeared online from volume 13.1993 onwards. Issues 1 through 12 were originally published in print.

In the University Bibliography scope you will find:

  • Journal articles by Freie Universität members
  • Newspaper articles by Freie Universität members
  • Theses by Freie Universität members, that are not available through the booktrade
  • Contributions by Freie Universität members to edited volumes
  • Proceedings contributions by Freie Universität members including abstracts
  • 'Gray' literature, patents and reviews by Freie Universität members

With a few exceptions you will not find:

  • Full texts (though links to full texts may be provided for license-free works)
  • Holdings information for Freie Universität libraries

Search and filter functionality

There are specific categories available for queries and for filtering result lists (Creation Date, Department, Institute, Working Group).

Continue your search with the bibliographic information found, in order to identify library holdings or full texts.

Contacts: unibib@ub.fu-berlin.de