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In the Database scope you will find:

  • Licensed databases
  • A selection of free databases
  • E-book archives
  • CD-ROMs and DVDs made available on line
  • Fact databases

The Database catalog does not cover:

  • Database content

The databases provided by Freie Universität are listed in DBIS (Datenbankinfosystem); the DBIS records are also made available in Primo. Databases are important for thorough literature search. Of course, database records intersect to some degree with records from Articles+.

Example: psycholog*

♥ Primo will retrieve all records that contain psychology, psychologie, psychological, psychologisch, etc. in the title or anywhere in the database description.

Start databases on provider platforms, and, depending on the particular conditions, take advantage of added value, such as content limited to specific subjects, the possibility of refining results with filters, recommendations (related content), and alerts.

DBIS (Datenbankinfosystem)

On the DBIS platform, you can use advanced search options and browsing functionality. For example, you can deselect Freie Universität Berlin, in order to explore other universities' database portfolios.

DBIS is a service that more than 300 libraries are involved in.