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New Layout / User Interface

The library portal Primo for Freie Universität Berlin has been redesigned. The new design has been activated in March 2018.

The developer has given Primo a more intuitive appearance. Also, the application has been adapted to make it easier to use on mobile devices.

All catalog information is now just one click away: bibliographic data (author, title, imprint, etc.), item locations in Freie Universität libraries, links to full texts and other services (tables of content, recommendations, citation details, as well as request functionality). Permalink and exporting functionality are also right there.

In the course of the layout redesign, grouping of different editions of publications, such as original and translation, print and online has been deactivated for the FU Catalog scope. It had turned out that the grouping feature had advantages, but also disadvantages. Grouping is still in place for the Articles+ scope ("Multiple sources available") because that facilitates comparing different catalog data that different providers may give for the same article.

"Citation trail" functionality has been added.

The help pages have been adapted to Freie Universität corporate design and have been thoroughly revised. Short demos and videos make help contents accessible. The University Library will start a YouTube channel for Primo tutorials.

An overview video (in German | English version - work in progress) has been placed  on the Primo welcome page.

Would you like to give us feedback concerning the new layout?

Please let us know what you think. We appreciate your comments. Your assessment will help the Primo experts at the University Library. Please write to: auskunft@ub.fu-berlin.de