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Principles on the Transition to Open Access

Science Europe veröffentlicht Leitlinien für den Übergang hin zu Open Access.

News from May 02, 2013

Science Europe, die Dachorganisation europäischer Förderorganisationen und Großforschungseinrichtungen, hat im April in einem Mission Statement "Principles on the Transition to Open Access to Research Publications" formuliert. Dort heißt es u.a.:

"Science Europe is committed to playing a role in accomplishing the transition to Open Access as quickly as possible, in an efficient and sustainable way, and thus avoiding unnecessary costs. This transition process must be as co-ordinated and transparent as possible. Therefore the Science Europe Member Organisations ... will continue to support any valid approaches to achieve Open Access, ... stress that research publications should either be published in an Open Access journal or be soon as possible in a repository, and made available in Open Access in all cases no later than six months following fi rst publication. In Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences, the delay may need to be longer than six months but must be no more than 12 months."

Die Vorschläge werden im Mai in das Treffen des Global Research Council eingebracht.

Siehe http://www.scienceeurope.org/uploads/Public%20documents%20and%20speeches/SE_OA_Pos_Statement.pdf und zum Global Research Council das Interview von Richard Poynder mit Dr. Johannes Founier, DFG


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