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Springer Deal

The agreement includes the following

  • Publish and Read-Element (PAR).
  • Authors affiliated with Freie Universität Berlin as a DEAL participating institution can publish their articles open access without receiving an invoice from Springer Nature.
  • The agreement covers over 1.900 hybrid journals.

The open access publication process

  • Submission and editorial acceptance: corresponding author receives an invitation from Springer to finalize the publication process of the submitted article.
  • Author identification: corresponding author identifies himself or herself as affiliated with FU.
  • Verification:  an identified article is forwarded to the University Library (Team Dokumentenserver) for the final verification check.
  • Publication: As soon as your affiliation has been confirmed by us, the article is published open access. The OA Funding Note (acknowledgement) is added to your article.

Publication in a hybrid journal

  • In case of rejection, you have the possibility to finance the open access publication of the article from your own funds or to publish your article in a traditional way (closed access).
  • Applies to hybrid journals: After the identification the authors have the option to "Opt-out“, i.e. they can deny the open access publication of their article.

Guidelines and help