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Publisher Agreements

The University Library concluded agreements within the framework of Alliance Licences and National Licences with a number of publishers. These agreements allow the authors affiliated with Freie Universität to publish open access either at a discounted publishing fee or free of charge. Please provide your official FU mail address when submitting your publication.

Please note that the agreements with Cambridge University Press and the Royal Society of Chemistry do not include any central invoicing to the University Library. The discounted publication charges must paid by the department.

Freie Universität Berlin participates in a consortium agreement for AIP Journals together with other academic institutions. The so-called Read and Publish Model 2021-2023 allows corresponding authors affiliated with the FU to publish their articles in the AIP Publishing subscription journals Open Access, i.e. under an Open Access license (CC-BY) without any additional fees. In the author dashboard, "I wish to publish Open Access as part of an institutional agreement" must be selected under "Publication Charges and Funding". Once the article has been accepted for publication, the FU will receive confirmation that the costs have been covered. The following step-by-step guide explains the publication process.

Freie Universität participates in the Read & Publish model of Cambridge University Press (CUP) whereby the FU authors have the possibility to publish their articles open access free of charge in the subscription journals. The following step-by-step guide explains the publication process. Please note that your faculty will issue the invoice.

Publishing in hybrid journals: With the so-called "Read and Publish License" Corresponding Authors have the possibility to publish their articles open access in subscription-based journals.

If you are a "corresponding author" or "submitting author", please submit your article, as usual, directly to the respective journal. During the submission process, please fill in the submission form provided by the publisher.

  • Upon acceptance of the article, "Corresponding Author" receives a message from Rightslink with the publication fee (“Article-processing charge (APC)”). After logging in on the Rightslink website the Freie Universität Berlin must be selected as an institution unter “Affiliation discount”, so that the publication fee is set to zero in the system and authors of the publication do not face charges.

  • Additionally to the publication in the respective CUP journal, the article will also be made available through the institutional repository Refubium.

Please refer to the following publisher information for further details.

From now on members of Freie Universität Berlin can publish the following types of publication in open access with de Gruyter: articles in full open access journals, monographs and book chapters. Standard of publication is the CC BY license. Please find more information here.

Frontiers Media S.A. is an open access publisher of scientific articles in fields ranging from biomedicine and physics or engineering to arts humanities.

New up to 01.01.2023: The institutional membership with Frontiers ended on 31.12.2022. However, Open Access publication costs can still be financed by the Publication Fund of the Freie Universität Berlin, provided that all criteria for refunding are fulfilled. Once your article has been accepted for publication, you can submit one for direct payment.

Freie Universität Berlin is participating in an open access transformation framework agreement for Hogrefe PsyJOURNALS. Members of Freie Universität can publish Open Access free of charge. As usual, you submit your article directly to the journal as “corresponding author” or “submitting author”. After acceptance, you will receive information about the choice between open access publication model and the traditional publication model. If you opt for the open access option, you will be assigned to membership via the email address of Freie Universität Berlin. You can find further information here.

Members of Freie Universität have the possibility to publish on an open access basis in the majority of IOP’s hybrid journals. The cost of hybrid article publication charges (APCs) will be balanced against journal license fees paid by the Freie Universität.

Step-by-Step Guide for Authors

  • Members of Freie Universität submit their manuscripts as „corresponding author“ or „submitting author“. The Attribution of the institutional affiliation takes place based on the author`s e-mail address of Freie Universität Berlin.
  • During the submission process, the IOP automatically identifies the potentially eligible articles. After the manuscript have been accepted, the IOP asks the team of Dokumentenserver of the FU Berlin to check and confirm the FU affiliation.
    If the predefined article limit has been reached, the open access publication is still possible upon payment of the applicable article publication fee.
  • No publication charges are levied.
  • Alongside with the publication in the respective IOP journal, the article will be deposited in the University's institutional repository Refubium.

Further information:

John Benjamins Publishing Company is a small academic publishing company situated in Amsterdam. The publishing portfolio includes 88 journals from the fields of linguistics, translation studies and terminology, psychology, philosophy, literary studies, art and art history. Freie Universität Berlin has signed an agreement with John Benjamin that enables all FU members to publish open access in these journals at no additional cost. As usual, FU authors submit their article directly to the journal as "corresponding author" or "submitting author". The assignment to membership takes place via your e-mail address of Freie Universität Berlin. This eliminates the article fees.

Freie Universität Berlin is participating in the national consortium for Karger journals. With the Publish & Read Model corresponding authors affiliated with the FU can publish their articles in hybrid Karger journals without any additional fees. You can find step-by-step instructions here.

FU authors receive a 15% discount on publications in fee-based RSC Gold Open Access journals. There are currently 38 hybrid journals in the fields of chemistry, energy and environmental sciences, food science, biophysics, medicinal chemistry and molecular biology, nanoscience, polymer science, materials scienceavailable in the transformation contract (please see title list). The corresponding authors are automatically recognized by the publisher via their institutional e-mail address and made aware of the Read & Publish agreement between Freie Universität and RSC.

SAGE Gold Open Access:
"Corresponding Authors" at Freie Universität Berlin receive a 20% discount on the publication fees for all articles submitted in SAGE Gold Open Access journals. This option is made possible by the participation of Freie Universität Berlin in a national consortium for a Sage magazine package. The agreement does not include central accounting via Freie Universität Berlin.

  • You are a "corresponding author" or "submitting author" and submit your article directly to the journal as usual. Refer to your affiliation with Freie Universität Berlin during the submission process.
  • If the article fulfills the conditions for funding, you can submit an application for refunding of publication costs after the article has been accepted by the publisher.
  •  Membership of Freie Universität Berlin grants the above-mentioned discount on article fees.

SAGE Choice (hybrid open access):
The open access publication fees for articles by "Corresponding Authors" of Freie Universität Berlin in hybrid journals from SAGE (SAGE Choice), however, are completely covered by the institutional agreement. There is no reimbursement or savings associated with renouncing the Open Access offer. Offer applies to manuscripts submitted to Sage between January 1, 2021 and December 31, 2023.

Please find further information here.

The DEAL project aims to license nationwide offers from large academic publishers (e-journals) with an open access component. The most extensive open access agreement to date has been signed between Springer Nature and Pojekt DEAL. Researchers affiliated with over 700 DEAL institutions have extensive access to Springer Nature's journal portfolio. Authors affiliated with Freie Universität Berlin can publish not only in Gold Open Access journals, but also in Springer Nature's subscription journals. Up to 2021, the contract includes mandatory open access publication rights for Nature and the renowned Nature Research journals. You can find an author's guide here.

The publishing agreement with Taylor & Francis offers you two different publication options:

a.) Open Select (hybrid):

  • You are a "corresponding author" or "submitting author" and submit your article directly to the journal as usual. During the submission process, you will already be informed by the publisher about the possibility of an Open Access publication.
  • The university library will receive information about your submission from Taylor & Francis and will contact you to clarify whether you would like to accept the OA option.
  • As soon as we receive your acceptance, the hybrid publication of your article will be requested from the publisher.
  • The fees per article will be reduced by 75%. The discounted publication invoices must be paid to the University Library from departmental funds.
  • The University Library initially makes advance payments for this purpose. After successful payment, the library will contact the respective department for reimbursement.

b.) Fully Open Access Journals:

  • The article processing charges are reduced by 10% per article and paid directly by the University Library of the Freie Universität Berlin.
  • There are no additional fees to pay for researchers of Freie Universität Berlin.

A Read and Publish agreement for 2019 - 2023 was signed between Wiley and the Project DEAL. This means that authors affiliated with Freie Universität Berlin can publish open access in Wiley open access journals without individual invoicing, i.e. without any individual costs (for articles with APCs up to 2.000€ incl. tax). Furthermore, on July 1, 2019 an optional open access publishing in Wiley hybrid journals has started. More information here.

If you need advice, please contact us at: edocs@ub.fu-berlin.de