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Publication Fund

Funding conditions

Freie Universität Berlin has set the following conditions for the funding of publication fees:

1. The article must be published in a "genuine" open-access journal. The open-access journal in which the article is published must have quality-assurance procedures ("peer review") in place. All articles in those journals must be openly accessible free of charge immediately and completely as soon as they are published.

2. Publication fees may be paid from funds only if they do not exceed €2,000 per article (19% VAT included).

Explanation: For this reason the article processing charges may not exceed 1680€ (Freie Universität Berlin has to pay 19% value added tax).
Additional hint: If the publication fee exceeds the limit of 2.000 € a pro rata funding is impossible.

3. Funding will be provided only if a Freie Universität member is responsible for the settlement of the publication fee as "submitting" or "corresponding" author.

4. No funding will be provided for articles published in subscription-based journals with paid-open-access options (e.g. Open Select). Articles published in journals that are mirroring subscription-based journals (mirror/sister journals) can not be funded as well.

5. No reimbursement will be made for publication fees that have been settled using external funding.

How to submit an application

Please check whether the open-access journal to which you submit your article fulfills the conditions for funding. If your publication meets the criteria, there are two possible procedures, depending on the situation:

A) You have submitted your manuscript to the publisher

Please fill in the web-form for direct payment.
Additionally send us an e-mail with the publisher's price quote at edocs@ub.fu-berlin.de or at the following address by postal mail:

Freie Universität Berlin
Redaktion Dokumentenserver
Garystr. 39
14195 Berlin

In your article, please mention the provision of funding through the Freie Universität Berlin Open Access Publication Fund.

We acknowledge support by the OpenAccess Publication Fund of Freie Universität Berlin

After the publisher’s invoice has been paid by the library, you will receive a message from the Institutional Repository Editorial Team. As soon as your article is published, it will also be made available worldwide through the institutional repository Refubium.

B) Your article has already been published in a journal and the fee has been paid by your department

Please complete the application form for reimbursement, print it out and send the form, the bank account statement and the original publisher's invoice to the following address:

Freie Universität Berlin
Redaktion Dokumentenserver
Garystr. 39
14195 Berlin
E-mail: edocs@ub.fu-berlin.de

We will let you know you immediately whether the publication fee can be covered or not.
If you require any further information, please contact edocs@ub.fu-berlin.de

For further information please see FAQ

The Fund is administered by the University Library. All articles funded to date are deposited in the University's institutional repository Refubium.