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Funding models for open access publications

Publication Fund

The Open Access Publication Fund was established in 2012 with funding by the German Research Fundation (DFG) and by Freie Universität. The Open Access Publication Fund's purpose is to cover charges for articles published by Freie Universität Berlin members in open-access journals, provided they fulfill the requirements for payment set forth by the German Research Foundation (DFG).

Open-Access Monographs and Edited Volumes

Freie Universität offers funding to co-finance the publication costs (Book Processing Charges, BPCs) of so far unpublished open-access monographs and edited volumes.

Institutional Memberships

The memberships with renowned Open Access publishers contribute substantially to making the Open Access publishing less bureaucratic. Members of Freie Universität submit their articles as corresponding or submitting author as usual and they do not have to take care of paying the publication fees.

Publisher Agreements

The University Library concluded agreements within the framework of Alliance Licences and National Licences with a number of publishers. These agreements allow the authors affiliated with Freie Universität to publish open access either at a discounted publishing fee or free of charge.

Knowledge Unlatched Journals

The University Library of Freie Universität Berlin participates in the crowdfunding project Knowledge Unlatched. This global library consortium funds monographs and by now also journal articles in the fields of Humanities and Social Sciences. That allows authors to publish articles open access and APC-free in selective journals.

Transparency (project INTACT)

The project “INTACT - Transparent Infrastructure for Article Charges” aims at establishing transparent and efficient procedures to manage article processing charges (APC) for open access publications. Since 2014, Freie Universität Berlin has been participating in the project INTACT and has been documenting paid article processing charges. A Treemap visualizes the outgoings, it's categorized by publisher.


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