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Taking the EU to Court



von Christian Adam, Michael W. Bauer, Miriam Hartlapp und Emmanuelle Mathieu

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This open access book provides an exhaustive picture of the role that annulment conflicts play in the EU multilevel system. Based on a rich dataset of annulment actions since the 1960s and a number of in-depth case studies, it explores the political dimension of annulment litigation, which has become an increasingly relevant judicial tool in the struggle over policy content and decision-making competences. The book covers the motivations of actors to turn policy conflicts into annulment actions, the emergence of multilevel actors’ litigant configurations, the impact of actors’ constellations on success in court, as well as the impact of annulment actions on the multilevel policy conflicts they originate from.


Adam, C., Bauer, M. W., Hartlapp, M., & Mathieu, E. (2020). Taking the EU to Court: Annulment Proceedings and Multilevel Judicial Conflict (Palgrave Studies in European Union Politics) (1st ed. 2020). Chambridge: Palgrave Macmillan. https://doi.org/10.1007/978-3-030-21629-0