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East European Studies in Transition: Crises, Conflicts, Challenges

Lecture series of the Institute for East European Studies of Freie Universität Berlin

News from Mar 09, 2021

The 70-year history of the Institute for East European Studies reflects numerous changes in Eastern Europe. The “Cold War”, the policy of détente, the end of state socialism and the period of transformation also had an impact on the paradigms of Eastern European research. In the present we are again observing a return of authoritarian and nationalist political patterns, which poses new challenges for research on Eastern Europe.

All of this was examined from different perspectives in the lecture series, in which researchers from the Institute for East European Studies and guests from Germany and abroad were involved. The lecture series is available online on the Institute's website.

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  • цикл лекций
  • Восточно-Европейские исследования
  • Eastern European research
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  • Osteuropaforschung
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