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Network University

Networking und Nachwuchsförderung: Die Freie Universität bindet Studierende und Promovierende  von Anfang an in ihre regionalen und internationalen Netzwerke ein.

Networking and career development: Freie Universität gets students and doctoral candidates involved in its regional and international networks right from the outset.
Image Credit: Peter Himsel

Freie Universität Berlin was named a University of Excellence in the competition held by the German federal and state governments to promote science, academia, and research in 2007. The university successfully defended this title in the second round of the competition, in June 2012, making it one of six universities in Germany to receive this seal of approval in both rounds. This distinction is tied to extensive funding until 2019.

With its institutional strategy, “Veritas – Iustitia – Libertas. International Network University,” Freie Universität took the logical next step in the development of the idea of networks that is already rooted in the story of the university’s founding. Building on the structures created in the first funding phase, which ran from 2007 until 2012, the second funding phase involved expanding the existing networks in the areas of research, support for junior researchers, and internationalization and adding a regional component. The goal of these activities was to intensify the building of networks with non-university partners throughout the broader Berlin-Brandenburg area as a research hub.

Freie Universität presented the key aspects of the International Network University concept in a brief animated video in 2012.

Watch the video here

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