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Center for International Cooperation

The Center for International Cooperation (CIC) is responsible for strengthening and expanding the international research and academic network of Freie Universität in accordance with its International Network University strategy.

The CIC aims to

  • implement and advance the university-wide internationalization strategy,
  • support FU scholars in the initiation of long-term international research cooperations,
  • enhance the appeal of Freie Universität as destination of choice for outstanding doctoral students, junior scholars and renowned senior researchers from abroad,
  • increase the international visibility of Freie Universität and its scholars,
  • position Freie Universität as an innovative force in international discourses on current topics of higher education development.

In order to achieve these goals, the CIC makes use of a series of innovative instruments, the three most important being

  • our worldwide network of liaison offices, which establish, cultivate and continuously enhance its local networks: our offices are in Brussels, Cairo, Moscow, New Delhi, New York, Beijing, and São Paulo;
  • funding for international research workshops, innovative structured mobility concepts, as well as for other means aiming at promoting sustainable research and teaching networks with partner institutions abroad;
  • primary partnerships with selected international universities for a structured utilization of synergies across all academic fields and university levels.
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