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FU-BEST 24: Europe in the Global Economy

InstructorDr. Ognian Hishow
Credit Points6 ECTS


The European Communities were conceived as a union of democratic nations shaping the world’s economic and social model. Is the permanent enlargement process that made the EU big paying off? In a changing global economy, what is Europe’s comparative advantage? 

“One market – one money” was what Europeans believed in. In a crisis not coming to an end the common currency is seen more and more as liability. Is an ill-designed Euro going to blow up the Eurozone? 

With Russia as major energy partner Europe’s energy independence is high on the agenda. Is the energy hunger of China, Brazil, etc. a threat to the EU? We will discuss the cost of global warming and climate challenge Europe is expected to bear. 

Lastly, a “look in the crystal ball” is supposed to give an idea of the EU in the world 30 years from now: still vibrant, or ageing and decaying?