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FU-BEST 11: European Business Cultures: Management and Marketing in Cross-National Perspective

InstructorDr. Lilia Schürcks
Credit Points5 ECTS / 3 U.S. credits


This course offers a combined exploration of the ways in which companies function in Europe and the reasons for and characteristics of intercultural management issues across the continent. The objectives of the course are to enhance the students’ understanding of the high variety of European business cultures and to learn about the corresponding variety of management styles. The course provides an interconnected focus on the state of the European Union, its social economies, business ethics and the standards of corporate social responsibility with corporate cultures, their marketing pressures and aspects of multicultural team development.


Companies in different parts of Europe will be subject to case-study analysis, including cases of successful and less successful cooperations with U.S. businesses; a field trip will provide practical insights into European media management and strategy. Learning about one’s own expectations coming from North America and assimilating to a European society is part of a process of self-reflection in which students in this course will also be engaged.