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FU-BEST 11: European Business Cultures: Management and Marketing in Cross-National Perspective

InstructorDr. Lilia Schürcks
Credit Points6 ECTS / 3 U.S. credits


The course examines the issues of intercultural competence, cultural identity and cultural diversity in European business context. Various case studies will be considered from strategic, organizational, and marketing perspectives.

The objectives of this course are to enhance the students’ understanding of the high variety of European business cultures and to learn about the corresponding variety of management and marketing styles. Special attention is paid to the present burning economic issues of the European Union, business ethics and the standards of corporate social responsibility as well as to the challenging aspects of managing diversity and multicultural team development. Ethnically diversed markets will be viewed as rich opportunities which ethnic communities offer.

Companies in different parts of Europe will be subject to analysis, including their efforts to work successfully across borders. Students will be involved in a process of self-reflection through learning about the different stages of cultural assimilation in a European business environment.