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FU-BEST 10: Muslims and Islam in Europe: Discourse, Practices and Challenges

InstructorFatih Abay
Credit Points6 ECTS


Within the last years Islam has become the subject of public debates and discourses in the Western World as well as a core research topic within various disciplines in the social sciences. This course will take a closer look at Muslims and Islam in Europe and will try to analyze and discuss the present condition of Muslims living in Europe from a socio-anthropological perspective. In order to do so, Islam will first be introduced from a general perspective; we will also visit a representative mosque in Berlin. The first sessions of the course will provide an overview of theories of cultural difference and secularism. Having this theoretical lens in mind, the following sessions will look at various public discourses regarding Islam and Muslims in Europe. Here issues such as Muslim-state relations, gender, and religious practices of Muslims in Europe will be examined and accompanied by a critical analysis of certain public controversies concerning Islam.