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FU-BEST 2: Integration, Conflict, and Security in Europe

InstructorDr. Dirk Verheyen
Credit Points6 ECTS / 3 U.S. credits


This course surveys and examines a variety of aspects of international politics in Europe, with particular focus on the Cold War and post-Cold War eras.

We will review the postwar history of international politics in Europe, followed by an in-depth study of European integration in general and the European Union in particular, the role played by security organizations (especially NATO and the Organization for Security & Cooperation in Europe), U.S. and Soviet/Russian policy toward Europe, the eruption of ethno-political conflict (especially in the Balkans), the international impact of Germany's recent reunification, and the quest for order, security, and stability in a region that is no longer divided by the Iron Curtain but in which international politics continues to be shaped and affected by East-West as well as North-South contrasts. The course mixes an examination of contemporary aspects with historical contextualization, in presentations, readings, and video material.