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Tillmann Gith

Tillmann Gith

German Language Instructor

Malteserstraße 74-100, Haus S
12249 Berlin

Tillmann Gith was born and raised near Cologne. He studied German and history with teacher training in Bavaria, and moved to Berlin in 2017. After teaching an integration class for refugees, he changed his teaching practice from German for native speakers to German as a foreign language.

In 2018 he moved first to Moscow and then in early 2019 in the other direction to Cusco, Peru. In Moscow, he mainly taught at companies that want to expand their economic relations with Germany. In Cusco, he prepared young students for their Master's degree in Germany or supported language students in their field of work, the tourism industry.

He would now like to use the two changes of perspective and teaching experience gained in this way for his further teaching activities.