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Training Options

Tafelbild, Präsentation oder E-Teaching? In der universitären Lehre sind viele Methoden möglich.

Chalkboard, posters, presentation, or e-teaching? Many different teaching methods are used at the university.
Image Credit: Bernd Wannenmacher

Options Offered in the Area of SUPPORT - Qualitätspakt für die Lehre (“SUPPORT – Teaching Quality Pact”)

As part of the SUPPORT - Qualitätspakt für die Lehre project supported by the German federal and state governments, a program aimed at providing university-level teaching skills and professional support to instructors at Freie Universität Berlin was developed and implemented in order to safeguard and boost the quality of teaching (“SUPPORT für die Lehre”, “SUPPORT for Teaching”).

The centerpiece of these activities is a modular certificate program geared especially toward junior scholars and scientists with little to no teaching experience. Participants who successfully complete the program receive the Freie Universität Berlin university teaching certificate. The workshops in the advanced module are geared toward all instructors at Freie Universität and can also be taken independently of the certificate program.

One of the goals of both the certificate program and the open program is to give instructors at Freie Universität the skills they need for research-oriented teaching. This takes place both through teaching activities aimed at the foundations of teaching at the university level and through advanced courses. There are also supporting options offered in the form of advising meetings and collegial consultation.

The following training options focusing on research-oriented teaching are offered as part of the SUPPORT für die Lehre program:

  • Workshops on subjects related to research-oriented teaching
  • Coaching on developing research-oriented teaching concepts
  • Attending an instructor’s research-oriented course, followed by an advising meeting
  • Coaching on supervising theses and dissertations
  • Options for collegial dialogue on questions related to research-oriented teaching at the institutes or departments

These activities are free of charge. For information on the current program and how to register, please click here.