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Pilot Projects

To try out research-oriented teaching formats, two pilot projects were selected to serve as examples during an initial phase that ran from 2013 through 2015: The “Episteme in Motion” collaborative research center, which is situated within the humanities and involves research on movements of knowledge from antiquity to the early modern era, and the “DynAge – Disease in Human Aging: Dynamics at the Level of Molecules, Individuals, and Society” Focus Area, in which scholars and scientists from the fields of natural sciences, humanities, and social sciences and from Charité – Universitätsmedizin Berlin are studying disease processes associated with aging on an interdisciplinary basis.

As pilot projects in a second phase, two new Focus Areas were selected to try out the research-oriented teaching formats from 2015 to 2017: The Center for Area Studies (CAS), which focuses mainly on the social sciences, and NanoScale, a research network in the natural sciences at Freie Universität Berlin focusing on nanostructures and their areas of application.

Focus Areas are a particular feature of the excellent, broad-based research performed at Freie Universität Berlin. Within the Focus Areas, scholars and scientists from different subjects, disciplines, and institutions at Freie Universität work together over a long period on complex research questions on topics of particular social relevance.