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Teaching and Learning Formats to Implement Research-oriented Teaching

To promote the link between top research and teaching activities, Freie Universität Berlin has identified four teaching and learning formats in particular:

Teaching Research Projects or Research Workshops

Teaching research projects or research workshops are conducted jointly by a small group of students. In the process, the group is supervised and assisted by a scholar or scientist. The teaching research project is typically associated with an existing (alliance) research project.

Students work together to develop a line of inquiry, consult the instructor who is supervising the group to plan the research process, and develop a research design. They collect, select, analyze, and interpret the data and sources independently with support from the supervising instructor and prepare their findings, in line with the standards of the specific culture of their discipline, in a report or presentation.

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Research Internships

Research internships allow students to participate in research activities pursued by scholars and scientists within the scope of existing projects or project alliances on an observational basis and to work, with guidance, on specific tasks that can be delineated. They can participate in project discussions and are involved in collecting, researching, analyzing, and interpreting data and sources and in preparing findings in line with the relevant requirements.

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Research Colloquia and Event Series

Research colloquia give students an opportunity to present the results of their own research activities in the form of either oral presentations or posters and to discuss their results with scholars and scientists. Event series such as workshops and conferences within the (alliance) projects also allow students to present the research results they have produced in their classes before a scholarly or scientific audience.

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Lecture Series

Lecture series give scholars and scientists the opportunity to gear current research findings from the (alliance) projects toward a broad audience. The lecture series format makes it possible to address students from different study programs across the semesters. Lecture series can also be expanded and supplemented by offering a seminar.

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