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DynAge Projects of the 6th Funding Period (01/2018 - 12/2018)

6_1. Role of Microcirculation in Ageing

Prof. Dr. Petra Knaus (Principal Investigator FUB)

Dr. Richard Siow (Principal Investigator KCL)

Prof. Dr. Stephen Harridge (Subproject Principal Investigator KCL)

Prof. Dr. Ulrich Keilholz (Subproject Principal Investigator CUB)


6_2. Transformation towards Integration: Digital and Organizational Processes in German Healthcare

Prof. Dr. Martin Gersch (Principal Investigator FUB)

Prof. Dr. Malek Bajbouj (Principal Investigator CUB)

Prof. Dr. Dr. Tobias Kurth (Principal Investigator CUB)

Prof. Dr. Claudia Spies (Principal Investigator CUB)