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6. Long-term survival in women with ovarian cancer

Principal Investigators:

Dr. Klaus Pietzner (Principal Investigator CUB)

Dr. Benjamin Barnes (Principal Investigator RKI)

Collaborating Researchers:

Nina Buttmann-Schweiger (RKI), 

Dr. Hannah Woopen (CUB),

Prof. Dr. Jalid Sehouli (CUB), 

Dr. Klaus Kraywinkel (RKI)

Project Summary:

The later ovarian cancer is diagnosed, the more unfavorable survival prospects tend to be. However, clinical experience shows substantial numbers of long-term survivors with advanced stage, recurrent disease. Scientific studies on that topic are sparse. Our multidimensional study aims to identify factors that enable women to survive their diagnosis in the long term and is intended to bridge an important knowledge gap. Quality of life, and specific support needs according to the phase of life in which ovarian cancer was diagnosed will also be addressed.