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11. Age-related aspects of cancer care and their interactions: Molecular profiles, personal goals, treatment adherence and social network structures

Dr. A. Wiedemann (Principle Investigator FUB, FB Erziehungswissenschaft und Psychologie)

Prof. Dr. U. Keilholz (Principle Investigator CUB, Comprehensive Cancer Center, Med. Klinik m. S. Hämatologie, Onkologie und Tumorimmunologie)

Collaborating Researchers: Prof. Dr. C. Kloft (FUB) et al.


Project Summary

To improve cancer care, individualized treatment goals and outcomes need to be considered, and will likely be age-dependent. To inform age-adjusted care, studies with individuals with carcinomas of the head/neck or the uterine cervix will consider a) disease pathology by evaluating relationships between age-dependent exposure to causative agents and the genetic makeup of cancers, b) patients’ treatment goals/adherence and their relation to goal priorities under limited future time perspectives in older age, and c) coping resources, i.e. age-related changes in social networks and strategies to secure meaningful relationships.