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Murtala Ibrahim

HONORS Fellowship 2018: Spatial Piety: Shia Religious Processions and the Politics of Contestations of Public Spaces in Northern Nigeria

DRS Postdoc Fellow

DRS Postdoc Fellow
Image Credit: Jessica Ruscello on Unsplash

This study will explore Shia public processions and rituals in northern Nigeria that include Ashura rituals, Arbaeen trekking from various cities to Hussainiyyah in Zaria, Quds day, and Maulud. These processions involve varieties of material entailments such as images, flags, placard, drums and uniform dress. The study will also examine Sunni and state reactions to the processions which led to the heated politics of contestation of public space that sometimes result in violent con-frontation. This study will be grounded in spatial methodology for the study of religion proposed by Kim Knott. Furthermore, the study will analyse Shia spatial practices through the concept of aesthetic formation proposes by Birgit Meyer and the concept of performance. This study will use ethnographic methods, therefore; interview and observation will be the main source of data collection.

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