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Oheneba Boateng

HONORS Fellowship 2018: African Union's Strategic Responses to Institutional Complexity in Africa-Europe Migration Governance

DRS Postdoc Fellow

DRS Postdoc Fellow
Image Credit: Jessica Ruscello on Unsplash

This project examines strategies that the African Union adopts to manage institutional complexity from migration governance. The AU introduced the 2006 Migration Policy and the 2016 Policy on Free Movement both of which aim to manage migration in and out of Africa. Recently, the European Union and Germany have introduced their own policies to manage migration from Africa to Europe. Each policy has a different orientation underlying them: while the AUs main logic is integration, those of the EU and Germany are security and humanitarianism, respectively. However, because the AU operates in partnership with the EU and Germany, the African organisation is confronted with institutional complexity, the different logics that underlie each policy. Facing institutional complexity, the organisation is expected to adopt strategies to manage the security and humanitarian logics of the EU and Germany while implementing its own integration priorities. Designed as a comparative-longitudinal study, the project draws on research that point to the balance of power, resource endowment, frequency of meeting participation, and identity as factors that shape strategic responses of organisations to institutional complexity.

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