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Kathleen Loock

DAHLEM POSTDOC Fellowship 2017: "Remakes, Sequels, and Prequels in Hollywood Cinema: A Cultural History"

DRS Postdoc Fellow

DRS Postdoc Fellow
Image Credit: Jessica Ruscello on Unsplash

Kathleen Loock’s research project reconstructs the historically evolving discourses surrounding Holly­wood’s remaking practice from the transition to sound to the digital era through the lenses of cultural memory and film-historical knowledge transfer. While film critics and scholars usually dismiss film remakes, sequels, and prequels as derivative and aesthetically inferior products, Kathleen’s project considers Hollywood remaking to be a meaningful and meaning-making industrial and cultural practice. Films that repeat, continue, revise, and expand a familiar story over many years and decades, she argues, play an impor­tant role in structuring the develop­ment of cinema as a technological medium and in shaping processes of identity formation among successive generations of viewers in the United States.

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