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Career Information for Postdoctoral Researchers

Planning an academic career raises many issues.

Planning an academic career raises many issues.
Image Credit: Bernd Wannenmacher

The career paths of Ph.D. graduates can vary widely. They do, however, share one common feature: the phase immediately following completion of the doctorate focuses on raising the graduate’s profile, enhancing his or her skills and qualifications, and demonstrating academic and scientific autonomy.

International mobility is becoming more and more important in this process. Many academic institutions and providers of external funding make efforts to cultivate and support junior scholars and scientists, a fact that is reflected in the many funding programs offered specifically to this group.

Work-life balance is also a topic that is often highly important during this stage of a person’s life. Postdoctoral researchers can obtain advice and support through various channels at Freie Universität Berlin, all of which are intent on making it easier for you to get your bearings during a difficult, yet exciting, phase as an independent researcher.