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Admission and Enrollment

Applying to the Department

When a professor has agreed to become your supervisor, you must send in your formal application to the Graduate Studies Office of the relevant department. At the minimum the application generally must include (for registration, see below):

  1. Outline of the research proposal for your doctoral thesis (5 to max. 10 pages) including a short summary of the subject in question
  2. Declaration of your supervisor
  3. A CV in German or in English
  4. Certified copies of your exam and degree certificates
  5. Other documents of your qualifications (if necessary)
  6. Proof of proficiency in German (for full enrollment without further tests, TestDaF level 4/4 or equivalent is required) or in English (if this has been agreed upon before your admission or if your take part in a doctoral program taught n English, see below)
  7. One or two letters of recommendation of distinguished professors of your university may enhance your chances.

Application may be made any time, but you should be aware of the fact that during the lecture-free periods from mid February to mid April and from mid July to Mid October, relevant staff will not always be available. The lecture periods of the academic year begin at mid October (winter semester) and mid April (summer semester).


When you have been accepted by the department as a doctoral candidate, you need to enroll as doctoral student at Freie Universität.

How to enroll as doctoral student