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Pilot Project Skills DIY


Image Credit: Photo by Ian Parker on Unsplash

„We […] have an emphasis on being happy, well-rounded postgraduates“ wrote doctoral candidates at Glasgow University about their project eSharp which brought together transferable skills and research work by setting up their very own peer-reviewed e-journal.

It is our goal at Dahlem Research School to help you become a happy and well-rounded researcher by offering a DIY set for skills training and networking opportunities beyond the traditional setting of individual supervision and research groups.

SciSurfing is the first project developed by doctoral candidates with Dahlem Research School offering support, logistics, a small budget and professional training for project management.

SciSurfing links up researchers

SciSurfing.net is a platform developed by Cristian Alexandru Tatarau and Fine Stuhr-Wulff with creative input from other university members. In the developers own words, it should be "as boring but also as efficient as the yellow pages".

The website allows researchers to exchange ideas and information, share data, to get out of their institute's bubble, or even just to socialize and find contacts in a new city.

It will make it easy to set up networks of doctoral and postdoctoral researchers across subject areas and geographical regions, who might otherwise not have known of each other's existence, without the need for much research or (often inefficient) mass mailings.

The open data community is steadily growing. On SciSurfing.net it is easy to publish data without uploading or annotating. A conference matcher helps find the best discussion partners, no extra apps or different conference profiles needed.

Last but not least, a section for featured artists encourages researchers interested in arts and artists interested in science (and there might be people doing both!) to communicate.

In sum, SciSurfing.net is a minimalist platform delightfully missing any attention grabbing methods and meaningless incentives common on commercial social media. One should use it when needed and do everything else in the real world.

Interested? Join the community on SciSurfing.net