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DRS Pro Transfer - From Research to Market

Have you ever wondered if your research can lead to more than just publications? Perhaps you have already stumbled upon an ingenious business idea and thought about turning it into a product or service? Over the last years participants of DRS Pro Transfer have learned how to systematically develop research or business ideas and explore ways of successful market implementation.

With backgrounds in the life sciences, the natural sciences, the humanities or the social sciences, they teamed up across disciplines to participate in a journey of ideas.

CampusLeben on DRS Pro Transfer (in German)

DRS Pro Transfer is organized in cooperation with and supported by the European Postdoc-to-Innovators Network p2i, the Digital Entrepreneurship Hub, and our service institution for knowledge and technology transfer Profund Innovation.

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DRS Pro Transfer Video

What are the objectives of DRS Pro Transfer?

DRS Pro Transfer gives you the tools you need to transform an initial idea into a product or service. Based on established procedures like ideation, product and service design as well as business model innovation, you will acquire methods with which to evaluate the marketability of your research or business idea. Together, we will develop and test your ideas – and introduce you to ways of protecting your most important resource, your intellectual property.

Who can participate?

The program is open to all interested doctoral and postdoctoral researchers of Freie Universität. No prior knowledge of business administration is required and we would especially like to encourage researchers from the humanities and social sciences to apply who until now constitute a quarter of all former participants so there is room for growth. 

Participants will be asked for a 50,- € contribution to cover food and drinks; otherwise, participation in the program is free of charge. Click here for the conditions of participation.

Do I need to already have a business idea of my own?

You are warmly welcome, with or without an already-existing idea.

What does DRS Pro Transfer offer?

You will learn about methods by applying them directly to your ideas, and develop your business concepts in an interdisciplinary team. Communicating your concepts concisely is important – not only in academia, but also in business. Therefore, in addition to modules in business knowledge and methods, you will also attend a pitch training. Mentors and moderators will accompany you all the way, and you will not only meet fellow researchers interested in Entrepreneurship, but also founders and investors.

Particularly promising concepts are eligible for submission to the Research to Market Challenge, the idea competition of Profund Innovation.

When do the events take place?

DRS Pro Transfer consists of five modules (in English) on five consecutive days from March 9-13, 2020. Attendance of all sessions is obligatory and required for receipt of the final course certificate. Please check the event schedule.

How can I apply?

The deadline for applications is March 02, 2020. Click here for the application form.

Any questions?

For questions regarding the organisation and application process, please contact the DRS team (qualification@drs.fu-berlin.de).

For questions about the program and its components, please contact Prof. Dr. Hannes Rothe (hannes.rothe@fu-berlin.de).