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DRS Pro Transfer - From Research to Market

Venturing out of an academic career is an exciting, but sometimes frightening experience. You have spent years refining your skills and knowledge in your area of expertise. We believe that these skills and knowledge can be of great value to others – outside of academia – as well. Your ideas might have big impact on the lives of consumers or the daily work of employees. In DRS Pro Transfer, we will jointly assess how your ideas and research can be used for more than publications.

Do you burst with ideas but want to explore which one might be the basis for a viable business or organization? DRS Pro Transfer will show you how to design a business from ideas deeply enrooted in academia and science. Together, we will push your ideas forward without relying on any prior business experience or knowledge.

Make the next step on an exciting journey that might have begun in your research but will lead you to designing a business in mixed teams from all corners and disciplines of academia.

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DRS Pro Transfer Video

DRS Pro Transfer provides the tools to transform a great idea into a product or service. Based on procedures like ideation, product and service design, as well as business model innovation, you learn about methods to evaluate the marketability of your research or business idea. We will jointly develop and test your ideas – and inform about ways of protecting your most important resource: your intellectual property.

Interested? DRS Pro Transfer is open for (advanced) doctoral and postdoctoral researchers at member institutions of the Berlin University Alliance and partners of the p2i Network. We would especially like to encourage interested researchers from the Humanities and Social Sciences – you made up a quarter of participants in previous years so there is room for growth!

Whether you have a concrete idea or not – this is a hands-on course where you learn methods for research-based businesses and organizations in an interdisciplinary team. Communicating your concepts concisely is important – not only in academia, but especially in business. Therefore, in addition to modules in business knowledge and methods, you will also attend a pitch training. Mentors and moderators will accompany you all the way, and you will not only meet fellow researchers interested in Entrepreneurship, but also founders and investors.

This course is made specifically for researchers and scientists. In addition, we provide you articulated support for submitting a research-based idea to business competitions, such as the Research to Market Challenge.

For questions regarding the organisation and application process, please contact the DRS team (skills@drs.fu-berlin.de).