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Berlin University Alliance: Start your Doctoral Project Focused!

News from Nov 09, 2020

Target Group: Doctoral students at the beginning of their doctorate from Freie Universität, Humboldt-Universität, Technische Universität und Charité

What motivates you to do a doctorate? What are your goals when writing a doctoral thesis? It is a long way from the decision to do a doctorate to the moment you hold the doctoral certificate in your hands. Do you ask yourself how to successfully master this time, what is important to keep in mind and where you can find support?

During this retreat qualified trainers will support you in the planning and implementation of your dissertation project by introducing you to tools for project planning, self-management, stress and conflict management. Additionally, there is the possibility to book an individual coaching session in order to address individual matters.  Through a joint mindful exercise break at noon you will gain energy and learn techniques with which you can also recharge your batteries in your everyday life.

Dates and booking details for the free-of-charge online retreats: 

Online-Retreat I (english): 16.-19.11.2020; am: https://www.drs.fu-berlin.de/node/43359 
Online-Retreat II (deutsch): 23-26.11.2020; am: https://www.drs.fu-berlin.de/node/43360
Online-Retreat III (deutsch): 23-26.11.2020; pm: https://www.drs.fu-berlin.de/node/43361

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