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BUA: Call for Applications Student Research Opportunities Programx (StuROPx)

Berlin University Alliance: formats X-Student Research Groups and X-Tutorials

News from Nov 03, 2020

The Berlin University Alliance (BUA) has set itself the objective of strengthening the link between (top-level) research and teaching. The Alliance has established the Student Research Opportunities Programx (StuROPx) to achieve this ambition. StuROPx expands the opportunities available to students for participating in research projects in Berlin and gives them the chance to collect research experience at an early stage of their studies.

StuROPx is aimed at students as well as junior researchers. The program consists of two formats:

  • The X-Student Research Groups are research teams made up of doctoral candidates or postdocs, and students. The goal is to get students involved in current research projects early in their studies and therefore strengthen the transfer from innovative research to teaching.
  • The X-Tutorials are research tutorials initiated and organized by students. Two tutors form a team with other students and do research on a topic of their interest. The aim is to give students at an early stage of their studies the freedom to work on a research question of their choosing largely on their own.

Both formats are advertised twice annually in a Berlin-wide call for proposals and are open to all applicants of the four Berlin partner institutions.

In order to lend more visibility to student-based research in the Berlin Alliance and offer students interested in research better opportunities for networking and exchange, the Berlin Conference for Student Research is also held every year as part of StuROPx. The next conference is expected to take place in autumn 2021.

Closing date for applications for both formats: December 11, 2020

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