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Please note: The project FUBright ended in June 2019, there will be no further updates of the website. 

We offer you various formats that prepare you for the multiple career opportunities inside and outside of academia.

FUBright Group Mentoring

The group mentoring supports international doctoral candidates of Freie Universität Berlin in their career, both within academia and beyond.

Through the mentoring process international doctoral candidates get insights into professional fields, develop and expand their networks (in Germany), acquire professionally relevant skills and receive new impulses for further career planning.

Thanks to their different cultural backgrounds and experiences in different (educational) systems, mentees contribute to the mentoring program with their manifold resources and competences. The FUBright group mentoring wants to stimulate exchange and reflection on how these manifold experiences and competences can be both viewed as strengths and deliberately used especially while career planning (in Germany).

Target group

The group mentoring addresses international doctoral candidates of Freie Universität Berlin.

Program language

While applying for the mentoring the applicants are asked to specify their level of competency in German and English. After having selected the participants, Dahlem Research School decides if the program is going to take place in German or in English language.

Benefits for Mentees

  1. Assessment of personal and professional skills
  2. Developing of competences, strategies and goals for one´s own career
  3. Establishing of new and integration in existing networks
  4. Insights into professional career and working style of an experienced mentor
  5. Expanding of knowledge of structures, processes and rules within and beyond academia

Benefits for Mentors

  • Exchange with junior researchers from different cultures
  • Networking with other mentors
  • Reflection on one’s own professional career
  • Sharing experience with the younger generation
  • Making visible and strengthening one’s own competences
  • Deepening the leadership capacity and counseling competence

Group mentoring

The core of the program is the group mentoring. Each two to four mentees sharing common interest in a professional field are paired with a mentor from this field. The mentoring groups meet three times. Each mentoring session has a thematic focus the mentees contribute their questions to. The mentor shares his or her experiences, gives feedback, stimulates and, if possible, helps establish contacts.         

The group mentoring offers a protected space where mentees can openly address their concerns. The mentoring relationship is hierarchy-free, i.e. there is no dependency between mentees and mentors. There is neither doctoral thesis supervision relation between mentors and mentees, nor a labor-law relation.

The group mentoring is embedded into a supporting program and is supplemented by two accompanying workshops for mentees.


Dahlem Research School has an extensive pool of professionally experienced mentors. Mentees can apply for the following professional fields:

  • Project Management (Industry and Business)
  • Politics and Administration
  • Science and Research
  • Research Management

The mentors' engagement for junior researchers is carried out on a voluntary basis. Many mentors are alumni of Freie Universität Berlin.

The decision which mentee belongs to which mentoring group is based on the professional field the mentee indicated in the application form.
The program coordinator will match mentors and mentees based on the applications.

Program and Dates*

9  November 2018

13:00 - 17:30

18:00 - 21:30

Kick-off meeting and introductory workshop for mentors and mentees

Optional dinner

November 2018

 1. Group mentoring: CVs – life paths

January/February 2019

 2. Group mentoring: visit at the mentor`s workplace

8 February 2019

 Accompanying seminar Networking

21 February 2019

09:00am - 17:00

 Half-time reflection for mentees, preparing the 3rd group mentoring and workshop session on Diversity

12/13 March 2019

Accompanying seminar Perfomance Competence: Clear Voice – Clear Message: How to transmit your topics with power and dynamics

April 2019

 3. group mentoring: topic chosen by mentees

29 April 2019

10:00am - 14:00pm

Closure meeting for mentors and mentees: reflection, outlook, next steps

*Subject to changes, modifications will be updated at regular intervals.

Application requirements

  • Doctoral candidates with a non-German nationality
  • Enrollment at Freie Universität Berlin
  • Reflection on career development
  • Readiness to actively shape the relationship to the mentor and to participate in the entire supporting program
  • Fluent command of German and/or English

Application process

Dahlem Research School selects the participants for FUBright group mentoring based on the sent-in applications.

Please send the filled-in application form per email to the program coordination (welcome-drs@fu-berlin.de).

  • The application form for Mentees 2018 (The application round is closed.)


Closing date for the submission of applications is Sunday, October 28, 2018, 24pm.

Conditions of Participation

Within the framework of FUBright group mentoring mentees commit themselves to comply with the following participation rules:

  • Regular participation in and active contribution to all three mentoring group sessions
  • Conclusion of a mentoring agreement with the mentor
  • Mandatory participation in at least 80% of accompanying seminars.
    To receive a confirmation of participation, you must attend individual events in full length. If one cannot attend an event due to illness, this will be considered on production of a valid medical certificate.
  • Participation in the accompanying and final evaluation
  • Participation in the alumni career tracking survey

Credit Points

Credit points can be awarded for the participation in the accompanying seminars of the mentoring program and cannot be granted if you have participated solely in the mentoring program