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Quality Assurance at Program Level

  1. Admission
    For admission to DRS new graduate programs have to develop program regulations covering the following aspects: competitive selection processes, team supervision, supervision agreement, regular progress meetings. In addition, they have to set up a curriculum comprising subject related and interdisciplinary courses aiming at deepening and broadening methodological and theoretical knowledge as well as professional and transferable skills. New graduate programs are admitted on a temporary basis and admission is decided upon by the Permanent Commission of the DRS. Programs are reviewed on a regular basis (see below) for their compliance with the DRS admission criteria.

  2. Reports
    DRS collects qualitative and quantitative data from its member programs on a regular basis, e.g.number of applications, admissions, doctoral candidates, completions, drop-out; recruiting and selection process, curriculum, supervision, internal evaluation etc.

  3. Regular Evaluation Process
    Member programs are evaluated every five years. The Permanent Commission of the DRS installs an comission that evaluates the program and prepares a recommendation for the Permanent Commission. Continuation of membership is decided upon on this basis, when indicated by placing further conditions.

  4. Ombudsperson
    In addition to the university departments’ officials for good scientific practice, each of the DRS programs has its own ombudsman as contact person for doctoral candidates and mediator in conflict situations.