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Quality Assurance at Individual Level


  1. For admission to one of the DRS graduate programs future candidates have to meet the requirements defined in the PhD regulations of the university departments and in addition also the more specific requirements of the programs and the DRS. Admission follows a highly competitive selection process, generally organized in three to four steps: eligibility check, internal and external assessment, interviews, decision of selection committees.

  2. Supervision
    Each doctoral candidate has a supervisory team of at least two, usually three supervisors who may come from different disciplines and institutions, including regional and international partners. Further, postdoctoral researchers may also be part of these supervisory teams.

  3. Supervision agreement
    Supervision agreements between doctoral candidates, supervisors and programs define topic and time schedule of the research project, members of the supervisory team, as well as rights and duties of both parties.
    Please find here a template for supervision agreements.

  4. Progress monitoring
    Doctoral students and the supervisory team meet at least once a year for supervision meetings. They evaluate the progress of the candidate’s research project and determine important steps in the next phase which will be reviewed in the next meeting. The meetings are documented. In doctoral programs of the German Excellence Initiative, continuation of funding is dependent upon positive evaluation.
    Please find here a template for these supervision meetings.