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Nacaps Study

The situation of doctoral researchers in a longitudinal perspective

- What role do personal and academic conditions play in the success of doctoral studies?
- What motivates doctoral researchers to pursue a research career?

The universities do not know much about their doctoral researchers and the conditions of the qualification process. In order to be able to better assess the significance of origin, gender, funding and other conditions for the success of doctoral studies, Freie Universität has already participated in the ProFile Study on doctoral researchers and doctorate holders (2011-16) and is now participating in the follow-up study Nacaps (National Academics Panel Study) of the German Centre for Higher Education Research and Science Studies (DZHW).

Nacaps is a survey of doctoral study conditions and plans for the future career and general living conditions of doctoral candidates and doctorate holders. Freie Universität wants to use the findings to improve the conditions for doctoral studies and therefore invites all doctoral researchers to participate in this scientific study. A realistic picture of these conditions can only arise if the participation level is high.

In February 2019, all doctoral researchers of Freie Universität will receive a link from the Dahlem Research School via email with which they can participate in the first online survey. The participation is of course voluntary and anonymous. Identification of individuals will not be possible.

If you have questions about the study, please contact the following DZHW staff directly:
Madeleine Siegel: Tel .: +49 30 2064177-46 | E-mail: siegel@dzhw.eu
Susanne Redeke: Tel. +49 511 450670-106 | E-Mail: redeke@dzhw.eu

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