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International Max Planck Research School for Biology AND Computation

Research Focus

The International Max Planck Research School Biology AND Computation (IMPRS-BAC) is embedded in a variety of scientific groups working at the interface of life sciences (molecular bio­logy, genome research) and formal sciences (mathematics, computer science). Its research focus is on the mathematical and computational side of research in sequence analysis, theoretical structural biology, computational chemistry and drug design, molecular evo­lution, genome analysis, and data analysis methods in functional genomics.

The IMPRS goes experimental this year, leading into a new graduate program from 2019, which provides education for students at the interface of molecular life sciences and computational sciences. This will be based on perspective and supervision from both ends - experimental and computational - and suit students with degrees in molecular biology, biochemistry, mathematics, computer science, bioinformatics or any related areas.


Bioinformatics, Mathematics, Scientific Computing

Program Type and Funding

Graduate School, International Max Planck Research School

Partner Institutions

Max Planck Institute for Molecular Genetics, Berlin; CAS-MPG Partner Institute for Computational Biology, Shanghai, Freie Universität Berlin


2005 - 2018 (DRS-member program since 2008)

Number of doctoral researchers supported