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DFG Research Training Group (RTG 1582): Fluorine as a Key Element Discovering innovative synthetic concepts to generate novel molecules with unique properties

Research Focus

The graduate school “Fluorine as a Key Element” offers the participating graduate students an educational program that features the introduction of fluorine into diverse chemical structures with the aim of discovering novel compounds that will have applications in catalysis, materials science as well as in pharmaceutical and biological chemistry. The intention is to fill a growing knowledge gap at German universities. The educational and research program is to be supported by industry partners.

Beside specific activities orientated to scientific goals of the graduate school, there is a focus on imparting key qualifications to prepare absolvents of the graduate school for their upcoming profession as scientist.


Chemistry, Pharmaceutical Chemistry, Biochemistry

Program Type and Funding

Graduate School/Research Training Group, German Research Foundation (DFG)

Responsible Institutions

Freie Universität Berlin (Spokesperson: Prof. Dr. Beate Koksch, Institut für Chemie und Biochemie, Fachbereich Biologie, Chemie, Pharmazie), Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin


2009 - 2018

Number of doctoral researchers supported


Number of postdoctoral researchers supported



German, English