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Dahlem Research School Membership

Benefits of DRS membership include:

  • Quality assurance: accepted programs fulfill established quality standards and are evaluated on a regular basis. DRS memberships also furthers the visibility of programs, e.g. with the annual brochure "Facts and Figures".
  • Certificate and PhD: upon successful completion doctoral researchers receive a DRS certificate and transcript of records. Most departments of Freie Universität Berlin require completion of a DRS program to grant the doctoral grade PhD (instead of a "traditional" doctoral degree like Dr. rer..nat., Dr. phil. etc.). 
  • Support: the DRS offers advice and support for initiatives applying for funding to establish doctoral programs.
  • Qualification: doctoral candidates in member programs can benefit from the DRS qualification program, which offers various workshops, events, and systematic support for career development. Furthermore, DRS supports programs in the development of new and specific qualification tools. 
  • Networking: the cross-disciplinary courses offered by the DRS provide an ideal networking forum for junior researchers from a variety of disciplinary backgrounds.

How to become a DRS member program:

Graduate programs may apply for membership if they develop regulations in compliance with DRS standards. To this end, prospective member programs need to include information on the following points in their application:

  • funding for doctoral candidates
  • admission requirements, application and selection procedures

  • concept for the supervision of doctoral candidates
  • concept for quality assurance
  • standard components and duration of the doctoral program

  • languages of the program

  • governance
  • program organization and responsibilities

  • key qualifications of the program's graduates

  • exemplary curriculum and requirements for successful completion of the program

  • samples of the program's supervision agreement, its certificate, and its transcript of records


Bertram Welker (Humanities and Social Sciences)

Dr. Ruth Hirschberg (Natural and Life Sciences)