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Pavel Blažek


Pavel Blažek

(University of Cambridge)

Fellow in the Context of the International Research Fellowship Program IRF 2012

July – December, 2012

Household, Marriage and Gender in medieval Thought. Bartholomew of Bruges' Commentary on the pseudo-aristotelian Economics (1309)

In his project Pavel Blažek is finishing a critical edition of the so far unedited commentary on the pseudo-aristotelian Economics by Bartholomew of Bruges. The commentary has been written at the University of Paris in 1309 and represents one of the most important medieval philosophical texts on the household.
Pavel Blažek's main research interests are the history of marriage and family in medieval thought, the history of the medieval reception of Aristotle and the history of the Bible in the medieval world. The topics he has been working on over the past years include medieval debates on polygamy, the medieval reception of Aristotle’s ideas on marriage, medieval household treatises, medieval Western views of Islamic marriage, medieval philosophical debates on celibacy and virginity, concepts of women in medieval sermons and the medieval tradition of the Penitential Psalms.