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Daniela Hahn


Daniela Hahn

Fellow of the program Dahlem International PostDocs

December 2014 – November 2016

Ästhetiken des Dokuments. Künstlerische Historiographien seit 1989

(Aesthetics of the Document. Artistic Historiographies after 1989)

The year 1989 and the ensuing processes of political and economic transformation after the end of the Cold War not only led to shifting geopolitical spaces in Europe, but also generated new topographies of art whose exploration and historicization remains an ongoing project. During the last two decades, artists in Eastern-European countries have started to document and map current as well as historical artistic practices and to collect, produce and stage documents and objects of and about performances and artists – documents that through their circulation and display now turn into media of artistic historiographies in the so-called “new Europe” – beyond the hegemony of a Western art history. Against this background the research project “Aesthetics of the Document. Artistic Historiographies since 1989” seeks to examine how documents are produced, transformed and displayed within artistic practices and inhowfar these practices initiate and advance the construction of alternative (art) histories in Eastern-European countries since the 1990s.

Daniela Hahn studied theatre studies, cultural studies, and sociology at Universität Leipzig. In 2011, she received her Ph.D. from Freie Universität Berlin with a dissertation on movement experiments in art and science around 1900. Her research and teaching is dedicated to the performing arts situated within socio-cultural and science-historical contexts, focusing on documentary art, artistic research, movement studies and the relation between performance and ecology. Her book Epistemologien des Flüchtigen. Bewegungsexperimente in Kunst und Wissenschaft um 1900 (Rombach, Freiburg i. Br.) as well as the volume Ökologie und die Künste (co-edited with Erika Fischer-Lichte, Wilhelm Fink, Munich) are forthcoming.


 Contact: daniela.hahn@fu-berlin.de