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Emergency childcare

KidsMobil Foto:SOCIUS - die Bildungspartner

KidsMobil Foto:SOCIUS - die Bildungspartner

Your child is sick, the nursery school workers are on strike, there is no hope of a babysitter, but you have urgent work-related appointments to keep. What to do? Freie Universität Berlin has a family-friendly response: To help cover for these kinds of unforeseen childcare needs, the university has signed a contract with a family service facility to provide emergency care for university employees.

On short notice, urgent, and in the interests of the job

These childcare services are available free of charge and on a flexible basis within the scope of the terms of use if parents would like to utilize this service and there is an urgent job-related interest that renders childcare necessary. Job-related urgency is presumed to exist in the context of research conducted under the Excellence Initiative and within research alliances in particular. Childcare needs that arise with about five days or less of lead time are considered to be on short notice or unforeseen. If there is more lead time, it is up to the administrative management to decide on a case-by-case basis whether the terms of use are met. Deciding whether there is a corresponding childcare need is the responsibility of the employee's subject-specific supervisor and the relevant administrative management. If these persons confirm that this is the case, they must document it using the childcare request forms.

KidsMobil comes to you!

A certain number of childcare hours has been purchased from KidsMobil, which is sponsored by "SOCIUS - Die Bildungspartner." KidsMobil is available to provide childcare services for children ranging in age from three months to a maximum of 14 years at the parents' home, any day of the week, any time of day. The process for using these childcare options is described in detail in the terms of use.

The provisions on taking leave to care for a child pursuant to the collective agreements and applicable laws remain in effect in addition to this emergency childcare service. Emergency childcare is an additional service and family-friendly measure taken by Freie Universität Berlin for its employees.

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