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Restriction of research operations

News from Mar 16, 2020

  • People who have equipment, technical facilities, laboratories, or workshops (in particular, facilities requiring approval, e.g. which observe genetic engineering or radiation safety protocols), in which certain equipment cannot be shut down and/or decommissioned quickly, should immediately make preparations for such decommissioning. This is to ensure that in an emergency, not much time is needed to shut down the equipment according to protocol. Employees should start taking the necessary measures immediately!
  • Employees who have equipment, technical facilities, laboratories, or workshops with equipment, which require regular on-site monitoring despite being shut down (e.g. re-filling cooling agents), should report immediately and include the following information: 
      • The type and scope of monitoring required 
      • Information on the person in charge of monitoring (their name, position, email address, and phone number) and at least one back-up person
      • The information should be sent to the appropriate department administration office. This will provide the administrative directors with an overview of the facilities in their departments, which they should collect, summarize, and forward to the provost. 
  • If it is possible to monitor a facility and provide maintenance remotely, the appropriate measures to do so should be taken immediately. 
  • If employees know of other circumstances that demand special attention in their research units, they should provide detailed information on the matter without delay. 
  • Are there any hazardous areas that should NOT be entered by building technicians/facility managers in case of damage (e.g. burst water pipes) in the event that an employee responsible for facility safety is not in the building? If yes, an employee must inform University Management with specific details and state who is to be informed in such an event. The information should also be shared with the department administration. 
  • As all official travel is no longer approved with immediate effect, studies and experiments planned elsewhere outside of Freie Universität Berlin (including, for example, surveys) may no longer take place. Employees of Freie Universität are asked to postpone or cancel such work. 
  • In accordance with the other immediate measures in effect, employees must refrain from working in open space offices and laboratories as of now.
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