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Information regarding the impact on examinations

News from Mar 14, 2020

Freie Universität Berlin is committed to ensuring that you do not suffer negative consequences in terms of taking examinations or completing final papers and theses due to the current situation.

The following examination policy applies until further notice: You can withdraw without providing an explanation. In this case, please send an email to the appropriate examination office no later than the day of the examination (but before the examination begins). You do not need to provide a doctor’s note. If you deregister or withdrawal from an exam / term paper / final paper, the assessment attempt (that you did not initiate or that you terminated) does not count. We will come up with lenient solutions and inform you of them soon. 

Regarding state examinations (Staatsexamensprüfung) at Freie Universität Berlin, we are in close contact with the appropriate authorities at the state level. We will provide further information as soon as we can.

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