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Information for Employees of Freie Universität Berlin - regulations for handling day-care (Kitas) and schools closed due to SARS-CoV-2

News from Mar 13, 2020

The State of Berlin announced on Friday, March 13, 2020, that Berlin schools and day-care facilities (Kitas) will remain closed, some starting Monday (March 16) and some Tuesday (March 17) in order to slow the spread of the coronavirus. Please visit the Berlin Senate Department for Education, Youth and Family website for more information (in German).

For parents of children, the following regulations should be observed: 

  • If the child in your care (children 12 and under) is sick, the usual regulations apply. 
  • If the child or children in your care (children 12 and under) are not sick, but their day-care or school is closed, you as a parent will be able to receive paid time off for a period of up to ten working days. 
  • Employees who make use of this option should please send a request via email to the personnel division briefly explaining the situation. 
  • As soon as the request is submitted, the employee can stay at home. Approval in advance is not necessary. Even in this situation, which is unusual for everyone, Freie Universität is striving to ensure that its operations, especially in administration, are as normal as possible. For better planning, any plans to take leave should be coordinated with supervisors and regular contact with them should be maintained.
  • For official public servants (Beamt/innen) the same regulations apply.
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