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The measures to slow the spread of the virus and reduce its severity have been modified

News from Mar 12, 2020

The following measures are in effect immediately at Freie Universität:

  • All conferences, conventions, and other public events from now until July 20, 2020 are canceled for now, regardless of the number of attendees. This includes events organized by third parties. Internal work-related meetings can still take place.  
  • All classes during the semester recess are canceled for courses that require classroom attendance, regardless of the number of participants. Exams can still take place for the time being.  
  • Freie Universität’s research, administration, and library units will continue regular operations. This decision was made in agreement with the Senate Chancellery and Berlin’s higher education institutions. Further steps will be evaluated and implemented if the situation changes significantly.  
  • Members of Freie Universität Berlin and visitors are still urgently requested to quarantine themselves for fourteen days if they have just returned or arrived from a risk area (as defined by the Robert Koch Institute). This applies even if the individuals are not showing symptoms of respiratory illness. 
  • Travel to risk areas for research, study, or work purposes is forbidden. As an alternative, Freie Universität has audio and video conferencing technology available. 

The university is currently examining how to best implement these measures.  Decisions are being made in close contact with the appropriate government offices and university departments.  We will continue to keep you informed.  Please check this site regularly for the latest news.  

We appreciate your understanding and support. We are certain that together we can help contain the spread of the coronavirus. 

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