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Freie Universität is taking measures to slow the spread of the virus and reduce its severity

News from Mar 11, 2020

At Freie Universität Berlin

  • All conferences and conventions – including those organized by third parties – scheduled from now until July 20, 2020, are canceled.
  • All courses taking place during the current semester recess that involve classroom attendance are canceled, but exams will be held.
  • The first day of classes for the upcoming summer semester will be postponed until April 20, 2020. Since we cannot rule out the possibility that we might need to extend that date, we are currently looking at online teaching possibilities or compact courses for later. For now, we are working under the assumption that seminars, exams, and other important events with fewer than 50 participants will be able to take place.
  • Research, administration, and library units will continue their regular operations until further notice. We are currently looking into what other steps might need to be taken given the university’s duty of care as an employer toward its employees, for example making it easier to work remotely from home.
  • Members of Freie Universität Berlin and visitors are urgently requested to quarantine themselves for fourteen days if they are returning or arriving from a risk area (as listed by the Robert Koch Institute). This applies even if the individuals are not showing symptoms of respiratory illness.
  • Travel requests to risk areas for research, study, or other university business will no longer be approved. As an alternative, Freie Universität has audio and video conferencing technology available.

The university is working on putting these measures into action. Please check this site regularly for updates.

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